Distraction is no respecter of age, color, academic qualifications or tribe. It is the new seductive weapon of the devil.

It’s daily calling for and constantly stirring at you. It seeks to use your weakness to deflate your strength.

Both praise and criticism, temporary setback and sudden hit can distract, you must fight to protect your focus.

It’s not enough to discover purpose and be pursuing, an essential part of your duty as you pursue would be to protect your focus

What if you focus on one thing in the coming year? Clarity is key; without it, focus yet potent will be wrongly channeled. Beware of what I called beautiful distractions (exciting deception).

Talent won’t earn you much without focus. Wisdom is the ability to know what to focus on per time. Focus decides feelings, energy and results.

Focus helps maximize time, attain goals and make learning investments worthwhile. Some people are not demonically possessed as it looks, they are only grossly distracted.

If you don’t know what to focus on, pursue clarity. If you know what to focus on, then focus should be your focus. It starts with the little things, setting small daily goals and focusing to see them through.

Overwhelming attraction can become a source of distraction. Isolation and periodic separation from the noise would aid intellectual balance for critical thinking and productive self-date.

A distracted man may appear busy, full of activities yet without fruits to justify his busy enterprise. Distractions deceive, it makes you think because you’re loud you’re a voice. You’re present everywhere but relevant nowhere.

You’re burning energy, wasting time with no significant impact and sustainable income. Your dream is suffocating, begging for survival and liberation from distraction island.

Time is ticking both for the foolish and for the wise. Prayer, tears, wishes or money can’t stop it. You can’t pay time to stop ticking, even when you’re sleeping, it’s ticking.

Time is counting both for the distracted and for the focused. Don’t expend your energy on wrong things. Don’t waste your productive seasons.

Everybody is diligent at something, what you’re diligent at makes the difference. Are you diligently distracted? A full-time student in the university of distraction.

Name your year. Know your season. For someone reading this, the coming year and the next decade is something you can’t miss out on in your destiny book.

Conventionalism is the recipe for mediocrity. Conformity is the trick for chains. Confrontation is the seed for change. Confront your blind loyalty to fruitless errands that keeps you busy without measurable progress in purpose.

The devil may not be after you, it may be focus that is robbing you. You can’t please everyone, go everywhere and do everything if you want to excel in your space this year.

If there’s time for everything as the Bible says, then, there’s time to sit, stand, run and fly. Folly is nothing more than trying to be in the spotlight when you haven’t found your spot. Don’t beg or buy yourself into what you should work yourself into.

The future is not something you rush into, you don’t have to beg a new day to come, it’s coming. The future and your future are two different things.

The future would come, but your future is in your court. Your future is something you unlock and create with discipline. Patience to sit, listen and learn is a form of discipline, a godly virtue at that.

I know you want to fly, yes, you will. Just ensure you deploy the right strategy. Going forward, wear focus, eat it, buy it and wherever you go, don’t leave it behind.

Above all, your focus is most protected in the company of other focused people. Say No to distractions.

If you focus on your focus long enough, it soon will make you the focus of all focuses. Wishing you a profitable year ahead. Feel free to share! #GO

Mike Oladipo – CEO Heroes Nation | Founder Wealth Creators Network …….

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