Grow up! Build emotional muscle, if you don’t, progress blockers and energy drainers will get at you.

They are on the look out to campaign against you. They support you with nothing and yet they hate you for no reason. They are like lions that won’t roar and yet hating on the eagle for soaring.

Continue to discover, define, develop and deploy your authentic self. Know who you are so well that when you’re told it only serves as a reminder.

Know the spelling of the word “accolade” but don’t go about seeking it, be bigger than it. There’s a season to seek deliverance and there’s a stage to become the deliverer.
Don’t rob your royalty in the mud; quit trying to fit in, you won’t and you can’t. Embrace your true calling and stay on course towards your divine cause.

Be diligent to dig for truths, be compassionate towards the feeble and be courageous to make purposeful moves.

Don’t let what people will say stop you from embracing the stage when opportunities beckon, no one got it right the first time, and no one who tried again stays the same.

Defy the fear created by unrealistic expectations and pressure generated by those you’re trying to please. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the recipe, to fear to fail is to miss out on your chances of success.
Your purpose is not about showmanship but about contributing meaningful to life starting from where you are today with what you have to the end that you make every single day of your life count as you journey to more.

No matter what you do, someone is always close by envious and bitter wishing they were you. You’re not here to be liked, your life is beyond social media likes or those plans on the wall.

True fulfillment comes when you serve your purpose genuinely, excellently, responsibly and profitably.

A time comes when you need to fearlessly commit to your convictions and let them guide your passion towards the needed actions for your vision.

You’re not a liability to your nation but a blessing and much more, you are a hero bearing hope and solution to your generation. Go in the power of this light and might. It’s a new day to thrive, let life flow out of you. Shine your shine! #GO.

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