For those who smile with you but mock you – forgive and move on!

For those who give you support but expect you to fail – forgive and move on!

For those who pray with you but don’t believe in you – forgive and move on!

For those you trusted who broke your heart – forgive and move on!

For those who hate you for no reason – forgive and move on!

For the friends that left
For the neighbors that yell
For the family members that fled
Don’t buy-in, Keep moving

It is crucial to know that nobody owes you anything. Nobody was born whose job is to look after you all your life.

Life is in phases, you must master the tradition of transition. No human is under obligation to thinking about you every second of twenty four hours everyday.

There is no situation you’re in today that is not common to man. It is only the dead that have no problems.

Problems are part of what keep the world running, without them innovation is unneeded and Intelligence would be uncelebrated.

Until someone has a problem, your genius is irrelevant. Headache is what gives paracetamol relevance.

Understand that no matter what you are facing now, you are not the only one in the world going through that situation.

Therefore, you must determine to grow and not groan through it.

You must not allow your present situation to drown your dream, you must believe with no apology that you are beautiful and important to your generation.

You may be:
Homeless but not useless
Cashless but not useless
Parentless but not useless

Childless but not useless
Friendless but not useless
Stranded but not useless

They may call you names today, but they will remain only names that have no hold on you if you keep your focus and your mind determined even as you pursue needed pills for your advancement.

It is a new season, be strong #Go #Grow #Glow #Lead #Global
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