I know you’ve been reading and reading, which is a great thing to do.

However, there is a time to put down the books, and get out there to do what the books said.

The purpose of knowledge is not just to inform, excite the seeker and stir positive perception of self, but to drive you to informed actions for the desired results.

Now, there is a challenge; the first is to determine to become a committed learner, the second which is the hardest is to become a doer and the third is to stay consistent doing the first two.

I know many who read a lot but have little result, they are informed but without result. Wisdom is knowing when to pride yourself as a devoted learner and as a devoted doer. While the former is good, the latter is great.

You may run out of motivation to keep learning when result is not coming forth. Now, it doesn’t mean result will always be instant but there should be measurable progress per time and this is only possible when you put knowledge to work.

Growth has logic and learning transition must be engaged tactically. By now, you should know that reading is one of the slowest ways to learn, how do you maintain steady growth without burning out? That will be a talk for another day.

It is always said, overthinking gives excuses, action gives confidence, result drives more productive actions and you know what inaction does? It leads to boredom, breeds self-doubt and could make one susceptible to self-hate and syndrome of irrationality.

There is time for everything. Time to stay back and study. Time to close the book and get to work. Time to take a break and rest. Time to go for more knowledge and time to go back and implement what you’ve learned.

Thinkers show the way; doers go the way. Until you have enough resources to hire those who can think and those who can implement on your behalf while you supervise, you must think for yourself and get out there to lead the implementation process. Think and execute on the go and as you execute on the go, keep thinking.

Before others will join your team, buy into your vision or invest in your idea, you must prove it first that you are passionate enough to inspire others and that you are worthy of trust and follower-ship.

The question for now is, could it be that you’ve tarried too long bragging as a reader and seeker? You’ve attended all seminars, conferences, online programs and you even brag with the pictures you took with some of the finest trainers and coaches around.

No one rewards you for what you’ve read, they will only reward you for what you can do and what you’ve done. What you’ve learned does not qualify you to earn until you practice to a place of skill and mastery.

There are four levels of knowledge; awareness, skill, mastery and genius. The first stage only shallowly informs you, you get to retain only the part you immediately implement. Sadly enough, that is where many seekers stop. Learning is like movies, the more you see the more you forget those you’ve seen.

Action concretizes knowledge and it is the knowledge you’ve mastered that becomes your permanent asset. I authored a book called “Packaged Distraction & Exciting Deception”, this is simply about you getting excited and engaged with interesting activities that do not lead to enviable eventualities.

You are smiling but not happy, dangling front and back on the spot without progress, you are exhibiting one of the habits of successful people but you are not operating in complete obedience according to the laws and principles of enduring success. Your wins and victories will always be short-lived until you master how to win consistently.

There is a time to plan your life according to what is compatible with your life goals and present realities. You want to relocate to a happening city because your friends are there but you do not have the same level of internal resistance system, emotional intelligence, social quotient and high paying skills like they do.

There are three types of branding, personal, corporate and product branding. Personal branding is divided into three parts, physical, character and competence, each division has at least 3 laws, until you are fully branded and obey the laws of each division you will always be stranded. I have a book titled “Total Personal Branding” and “Brand The Brand”.

There are two ways to enter a city, as a slave or as a king. I’ve invested in my personal development in the last 10 years more than in any other thing.

Now, if I show up to do what I do in 30 minutes and massive value is delivered and the room is left electrified and lives transformed, that is connected to 10 years of intensive back-office labor and this then qualifies me to earn in 30 minutes what many may not earn in a year. The 20% you see is driven by 80% labor behind the scene.

Before you become the president of readers’ association in your city, ensure you have the result that legitimizes you to lead that group, how? Go and implement what you’ve learned.

When people ask you for what you can do, show them what you’ve done. Result is the only prove of diligence, until your labor produces result you are just trying and don’t expect anyone to pity you or spend their hard earned personal reputation on you.

You must try enough to earn the regard, platform and recommendations of those who are capable of rewarding your competence with commensurate opportunities. The devil wants you to blow very fast and be broke for long. Don’t seek to blow, work at growing and the rest will come as compensation.

May be it is time to close that book and go and do what all the ones you’ve read said. The more you learn the more you forget? You immortalize useful knowledge by concretizing them. How? Take action immediately you learn.

I read a book on confidence over 15 years ago, when I finished, I got up and I went on the street, I started shaking hands with everyone I saw, the book pumped me so much, it was like someone under an influence and I leveraged that energy instantly with corresponding action. I was under the influence of action-provoking content (a book); what influence are you under?

Watch global talent shows, you will see performances driven by expertise. You will see what people are doing with their lives, how they’ve through labor turned their God given talents into irresistible tool for change, impact and income. You are equally gifted but one thing is missing, you learn and talk but you never do.

You can self-deliver yourself. It is called personal development because you must do it for yourself and by yourself. I cannot be doing push-ups daily and you will be getting the muscle, I can only teach, I can’t do it for you.

Many are excited learners but weak doers. You’ve learned all you need to know to exit your present level already but the problem is, you’ve not done 10% of what you’ve learned.

This is why personally, I approach my training and teaching in a manner that provokes and shows you instant action plans because i know, knowledge remains impotent until it is put to work. And even at that, the responsibility to take responsibility for your responsibility is your responsible responsibility. Simply put, action is your responsibility.

God blessed you with genuine mentors and great coaches who have taught you but you are now becoming a burden to them because the village people working on your case leave you to learn but they never let you execute.

You must become a radical executor; massive action that driven by sound knowledge deployed in a genuine vision born out of revelation under the supportive watch of well-refined coaches, trainers and mentors will boost your winning chances.

You’ve read 50 books this year so far? How many steps have you taken based on what you’ve learned? Read, study and never stop learning, but in all these, add action.

I know you prayed that God should show you what is wrong, if you are not discerning enough to know that this post is a divine and timely response to your secret prayer, then your discerning signals needs adjustment.

You know what to do, why are you not doing it? And if you don’t know what to do, humble yourself and ask, movers experience miracles.

It is pride and arrogance that makes people grow old without achieving what they know they are capable of achieving only because they refused to ask. Too weak to act and too proud to ask.

Gentility is no longer an asset in today’s word, don’t let your temperament rob you of your productive seasons. I once read 14 books in a week without stepping out of my house, not even to see anyone outside the compound, it was a battle of destiny, I was determined to defeat ignorance.

Stop packaging emptiness, you are pretty but empty, handsome but not awesome, you can rewrite your story if you will pay the price for the prize.

Soon, you may find yourself saying your mates are proud because they no longer pick your calls, while they were buying books, you were buying food and while they were exercising their faith through knowledge you were laughing.

Pain is a teacher, lack is an instructor and anger has a force, know when to apply accordingly to your situation, until you get angry with your ignorance and mediocrity, you will only attract pity. Make it easy for God to help you, get knowledge. #Go #Grow #Glow #Lead #Global
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