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Mike Oladipo Global Influence (MOGi) is an outreach platform created by Mike Oladipo for reaching out through his personal mentorship, radio program, TV shows, books, music and others. MOGi was inspired by Mike’s quest to serve his generation through direct influence on people.

Mike believes everyone has a unique purpose in life and possess incredible potential to make significant impact in the world. He has a mandate to raise leaders called heroes; this is what he has dedicated his life to, through all his organizations, companies and operations…

We don't ask you to believe in our ability to bring change, rather, we ask you to believe in yours.

Barrack Obama
Former US President

All of me is not as good as all of us

Mike Oladipo
Founder - MOGI

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Raising Global Leaders And Leading Heroes

Releasing The Hero In You

MOGi Platforms

MOGi Global Leadership School

MOGi Global Leadership School (GLS) is where new breed of leaders are being groomed. It is a vocational and technical school of leadership. 

It is not setup for talks or some mental excitement but for raising leaders who will take actions now, those who understand life, their role, their purpose and are ready to make a difference by creating income channels to curb unemployment and impact channels for talent deployment.

MOGi Graduate Leadership School

This is a school where successful graduates of MOGi GLS continue networking and learning as related to Business, Leadership and Impact.
Visiting lecturers and mentors come monthly to take masterclasses for continuous development of our leaders.

MOGi Radio

This is a medium created to reach out to people periodicaly. It has recorded a great success over the years, dishing out rich tips that guide people towards successful leadership and business

MOGi Store

MOGi Store is an online portal where life-transforming resources (e.g books and audios) are accessed and downloaded for personal use.

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