Mike Oladipo Global Influence

is an outreach platform created by Mike Oladipo for reaching out through his personal
mentorship, radio program, TV shows, books, music and others.


Mike Oladipo Global Inuence (MOGi) is an outreach platform created by Mike Oladipo for reaching out through his personal mentorship, radio program, TV shows, books, music and others. MOGi was inspired by Mike’s quest to serve his generation through direct inuence on people.

Mike believes everyone has a unique purpose in life and possess incredible potential to make signicant impact in the world. He has a mandate to raise leaders called heroes; this is what he has dedicated his life to, through all his organizations, companies and operations.

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MOGi Platforms

MOGi Graduate Leadership School

This is a school where successful graduates of MOGi GLS continue networking and learning as related to Business, Leadership and Impact.

MOGi Radio

This is a medium created to reach out to people periodicaly. It has recorded a great success over the years, dishing out rich tips that guide people towards successful leadership and business.

MOGi Store

MOGi Store is an online portal where life-transforming resources (e.g books and audios) are accessed and downloaded for personal use.

Raising Global Leaders And Leading Heroes

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MOGI Global Leadership School


In this school, I saw Impact, wisdom, relevance and more importantly, I saw a model to follow. My mind was stretched and revolutionized, great synergy was formed, I became aware of how to leverage technology and also to be a peak performer. My world changed entirely and I must confess that international opportunities have opened for me as I have by the grace of God in less than six months speak on several platforms, train leaders across Africa met amazing friends, and also grow my income-based. I'm indeed grateful that I am irreversibly MOGiLIZED.
Star Hero Lucky Nkumah
Cohort 12 (The Fruitful Cohort)
My profound gratitude goes to our Provost - Hero Mike Oladipo for being so selfless in his quest to raise responsible Leaders like myself globally and the tireless MOGi GLS team for their loyalty to everyone. Not only was I MOGiLIZED but my ability to adapt to changes was also derived from there. I am a Hero and will continue to make a difference in my generation.
Senior Hero Ambassador Anita Musonge
Cohort 23 ( The Empowered Cohort)
I`m so excited to share my success story at MOGI Global Leadership School. It`s been an amazing and impacting journey since i started studies at MOGI Global Leadership School. "Winners never Quit". It`s been an awesome, amazing, and great experience thus far at MOGI Global Leadership School. Hero Mike Oladipo has been outstanding in organizing, teaching, and imparting wisdom and unveiling many secret to succeed in life through his skillful lessons.
Senior Hero(Amb.) Kehbila Darling D
Cohort 22 The profitable cohort