Mike, does it mean one has the possibility of excelling or making money in a particular domain when it is not your purpose?

Why not…? Yes you can!!!

Making money has nothing to do with purpose but…

Effort, skills and mastery

If you’ve found your purpose and don’t know the business of it, that is, professionalizing and proper commercialization of it, you’ll be broke
Purpose is the Why. Gift (Skill When Refined) is the Tool. Vision Is What. Strategy is How.

Every gift has two parts, Business (Income) And Ministry/Charity (Impact) part.

The mind as an independent entity only helps you attain what you want, it has the potency to amplify for profit or hibernate for pity. You are in control as the pilot!
✔️You can be purpose conscious and broke – lack of business mastery.

✔️You can be rich and purposeless – lack of purpose understanding.

✔️You can be purposeless and broke – complex state of Ignorance begging for urgent intervention.

✔️You can be purposeful and profitable – your goal.
Don’t tell me the reason you’re poor is because you’re living purposefully or that purposefulness automatically relegates to a small, local and unattractive life…NO!!!

God gave you purpose for you to be a blessing to those you’ve been sent and not to be a beggar and a burden to them.
This is the order:
People etc.

Each of these listed above has more complex approach if you must profit.

Laboring under correct knowledge and proven principles that guide business and profit would yield, we speak and emphasize purposefulness for you to know how to channel both tangible and intangible resources – to prevent abuse.

Money is not the blessing, you are, but you need it (money) to push and fully express your blessedness.

Anyone that tells you money is not important has robbed you. God is King of all, you have been given a call, but money is the king in the mall of life where you need to shop, not by grammar but in cash.

Many want to make heaven but they want money first, because it is needed for basic things of life, and that is why it seems like the contention between money and sanity is strong.

In the end, money gives expression to purpose and it could determine the boundary of your purpose Impact.

The devil knows this and it’s why he uses it as a strong point of attraction to draw you out of purpose. Rich but purposeless, famous but restless and how quickly they are forgotten when they pass without any worthy cause.

Stop playing lazy all in the name of I’m finding or living my purpose. And if you are among those who exploit others through systemic manipulation, playing on the weaknesses of the gullible and helplessly ignorant ones, know that truth is coming and it would catch up with evil doers very soon.

If you are the type that has opted for the easy part in order to avoid the intense mental labor required for your original purpose, you’ll be hunted by your conscience along the line. You must fall in love with work. Diligence is attractive and Purposefulness is a good fragrance any day.

You can’t see a truly purposeful person that is lazy regardless of gender. If you seek purpose, you seek work, you seek responsive and responsible living deeply rooted in sacrifice, this however, does not mean you should ignore financial and business intelligence. It is your armor in the face of intellectual molestations.

We must become experts and professionals who know their onions to build our land, we must imbibe character that is enviable to protect whatever we build and live purposefully to properly channel the profit that proceed therein to the rest of the world and to the coming generation.

You’re either an employee who works for an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who hires employees. Whatever side of the coin you operate, live with dignity, diligence and purpose. Don’t judge others because you’re not the author of their destiny. We all must make our choices and live by them.

This is nothing but a quick reminder that purpose without profit will attract pity, and profit without purpose will lead to abuse. Be purposeful, seek it and live it, but in it all be purposefully profitable.

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