No one is 100% foolish and no one is 100% wise. One of the most difficult tasks you will have is to get result out of everyone on your team.

Every dullard has hope when put under a great leader and a genius can lose his power to shine under a clueless leader.

Result based leadership deals with conversion of both intrinsic asset and acquired skills for the overall benefit of the team and organizational goal.

One of your key goals will be, how do you bring to light the 1% wisdom in the person you call a fool, and how do you remove 1% folly left in that person you regard as wise?

If you work with people a lot like I do, you will probably know that, the 1% wisdom of that so called fool can be what will save the team and the 1% folly in that so called wise person that is left unchecked can put the team and the company at huge risk.

Wise leaders won’t call you a fool even if they perceive you act as one, their goal is to raise your consciousness and performance and this is where both infrastructural motivation, strategic pull and close coaching support is recommended.

You stand the risk of not having access to 1% wisdom in those you regard as fools if the only people you regard and celebrate are those you labeled and regard as wise.

It is easy to win when you are called to lead smart people who need minimum supervision to deliver beyond expected result, but your leadership is actually measured when you have a mixture of the weak and the strong, the elites and the rookies, the expert and the beginners.

As you advance on your leadership journey today, pay attention and give those you’ve written off some chance. Who knows, they may be the ones who hold the idea and suggestions that will unlock a new season for your team and organization.

You are there to lead, not to kill. Do what great leaders do, lead. The last time I checked, the word “lead” is an action word, move them from a place of low morale to high morale, from confusion to clarity, from lack of focus to a place where their energy is properly channeled and from a place of absolute dependency to a place where they are strong enough to make profitable decisions for both themselves and the organization #Go #Grow #Glow #Lead #Leaders #Global
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