Listen, there is no perfect book, song, movie or art, whatever it is, name them.

Perfect is relative; all forms of art or work is an expression of personal preference, this most likely often times is done from a place of strong awareness of industry’s bidding laws and operational codes with conscious effort to project excellently without subduing deep-seated personal desire of the creator.

Stop waiting for perfect time, perfect this or perfect that, and never let anyone silence or discourage your work with their view and definition of perfection.

A lot of promising people have been silenced by others who told them their work was not perfect. Not everyone has the courage to keep fighting after they’ve been broken, hence, the need for some discernment and restrain.

This is not a call for laxity but a call to raise general consciousness around unnecessary negative pressure evoked by experts on those trying to master and emerge.

You must commit to improving and mastering the best culture that guide your zone of expertise through research, practice and strategic positioning but in it all, let your work and creatives be an expression of your authentic self.

Don’t sing like anybody, don’t write like anybody, don’t play like anybody, don’t speak like anybody…

You are great enough in your original self, don’t grow up, live and die without your generation meeting the real you, only because you were hiding under another person’s concept, brand and authenticity.

Manipulators don’t like this type of message, they want you to keep feeling subjugated because their esteem is built on your intellectual imprisonment and emotional oppressiveness.

They want you good but not great, show up but not speak, speak but not sound deep. Whichever side of the divide you play or pay, this is a note to bring you into an awakening for your liberation and repentance accordingly.

Embrace godly principles, obey laws and never forget to live life on your terms as you daily pursue your divine purpose and build your legacy.

There are so called experts with only theoretical result out there ready to shut you down, you must be ready to stand up for yourself when need be.

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve had my own share but the truth is, you must know who you are so well that no one can intimidate you.

You may not have attended Harvard yet but that doesn’t make you a bastard and you may not have a master’s degree but you’ve got the master’s decree enforcing your victories.

Don’t let your mouth be muted by bullies neither should you allow vultures in human clothings to damage your confidence. You are a star.

Yes, I know you desire to grow, but you must grow at your own pace, some crash before they become fully formed due to self-imposed pressure to be perfect or meet up to people’s standard. All standards were created and set by humans like you, set yours and leave your mark.

No matter how badly you need a baby, it needs time to mature, your time will come, the deal is, would you be ready or you will be one of those who got shut down because of lack of believe in who they are and what they can become?

Many are not in physical prison, but intellectually and psychologically they are at the mercy of what people will think or feel.

Dear leader, you have what it takes to win even if no one believes in you. Remember, there is nothing like perfect, all creatives and life generally is anchored on the principle of discovery and continuous growth (emergence).

Frown at mediocrity and refuse to be a zombie, you are here to shine your light, begin your shine now.

And dear madam and master expert, we know you’ve made it and it is so easy to lose sight of young people trying to climb, add compassion to your knowledge, temperance to your wisdom and discernment is a big deal you do not want to leave out.

You are capable of raising stars but if you are not conscious, you will be leaving scars on those God is positioning you to raise.

Don’t harass seekers with your expertise, let love guide your corrections and actions, you are in the spotlight, it’s your time today but never forget, that those you shutdown today will have their time and turn tomorrow. Life is turn by turn.

Wisdom is knowing the error to ignore and the folly to endure. Wisdom is not just knowing what is correct but how to correct. It is not everything you point fingers at all in the name of trying to claim expertise. Calm down! #Go #Grow #Glow #Lead #Global
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